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[[Nick, Trudy, Carl Meadows, and Nikki Ronat are talking as other guests arrive.]]
Carl: Generous of Lakatos to throw this bash, huh? Said they had a banner year. We did too, thanks to them shipping all over the country using a small little firm like us!

Nikki: I was wondering about that. We're all small businesses here. Lakatos is HUGE. Why are they working with us when they could save money in volume with bigger players?

Carl: Well, I'M not one to complain! They picked us over UPS, FedEx, AND DHL. They give us 70% of our volume!
Nikki: And you don't find that suspicious? Can you REALLY out-bid those companies?

Nikki: [looking over to Nick and Trudy] I think there's more going on here than what we see. I'll bet if we compared notes, we might get a view of the bigger picture.

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