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[[Nick, Trudy, Nikki Ronat, and Carl Meadows are talking at their table at the awards dinner, just as the program is scheduled to start.]]
Carl: Oh, lighten up, Nikki. Besides, they're startin' the show!
MC: [from the podium] Ladies and gentlemen, Lakatos welcomes our esteemed partners to this evening's event!

MC: Our CEO, Eszter Lakatos, will be joining us a little later, but she asked me to start tonight off by thanking you for helping make this year our best one to date.

MC: We have a special treat for each of you after our desert, a token of our appreciation for your valuable business. So no slipping away for a dip in the pool, hm?

MC: Your appetizers will be out shortly. Welcome again to the Lakatos family!
Nikki: "Welcome to the family?" What are they planning to do, hire us?

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