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[[Appetizers are being served to Nick and Trudy's table at the awards dinner.]]
Carl Meadows: Mmm, I just LOVE these little green things! Go ahead an' bring me seconds and thirds, boys!

Nikki Ronat: [looking down at her plate in disgust] Blech. I HATE these things. They're disgusting. Just a roll, please.
[[Trudy notices Anna walking toward an exit]]

Carl: Aw, c'mon, Nikki! Give 'em a try! My wife buys these things in bulk, I go through 'em so fast.
[[Anna turns as she opens a door, glancing back toward Trudy.]]

Trudy: [quietly to Nick, as she gets up from her chair] C'mon. You need to go to the restroom.
Nick: [surprised, quietly] I do?

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