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[[Trudy and Nick are sneaking down the service hallway within the Lakatos resort, whispering to each other. They peek into doorways as they walk past them.]]
Nick: Are you *sure* she went this way?
Trudy: No, but I doubt she made it down the other way so quickly.

[[They disappear around a corner, still whispering]]
Trudy: She couldn't have gone far.
Nick: What makes you say that?
Trudy: She's wearing higher heels than I am.

[[Anna sneaks out of a doorway into the hall]]

[[She talks into a device -- could be a cell phone, could be a walkie-talkie]]
Anna: I don't know how, but I lost them.
Voice on phone (presumably Esther Matusevitch, Trudy's mother): Then *find* them, before the Colonel's men do.

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