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[[While trying to follow Anna/Adrienn, Nick and Trudy have become lost in the corridors of Lakatos Pharmaceuticals. They've entered a large room filled with boxes, and it's so cold that their breath is visible.]]
Trudy: That does it. We're lost, and "Adrienn" is nowhere in sight.
Nick: This looks like a gym that's been converted into a makeshift warehouse.

Nick: [looking at Trudy, who is trying to keep warm] You OK?
Trudy: [shivering] It's just chilly in here. This dress isn't exactly made for warmth.

Nick: [taking off his tuxedo jacket and putting it over Trudy's shoulders] Here. Not sure why it's so cold in here, but this should help.
Trudy: Th-thanks.

Trudy: There are thousands of crates in here. I wonder what's in them.
Nick: [surprised] No time to find out. Someone's coming...

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