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[[Nick and Trudy have hidden behind one of he large crates in the makeshift storage area. They're whispering to each other. Two armed guards wearing light tactical armor are on the other side of the crate with their backs to Nick and Trudy.]]
Trudy: Armed guards. That can't be good.
Nick: Doubt they're on the guest list.

Nick: [reading the side of the crate they're hiding behind] "Keep frozen." That explains the dry ice and liquid nitrogen. I wonder what's in these crates...
Trudy: Could be perishable drugs, or supplies.

Nick: [thinking] Maybe, but surely they'd handle that in a REAL supply warehouse, not a gym at a resort hotel. They must be moving something in a hurry.

Trudy: [smacking her forehead as she notices the Lakatos logo on the crate.] Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why didn't I think of that before?

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