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[[Nick and Trudy are hiding from the guards in the makeshift warehouse. Trudy has just mentioned Sean Connery in connection with Moldfinger, which shocked Nick.]]
Trudy: [wide-eyed] What?
Nick: [suspicious] From what I remember of your story, Moldfinger was not part of C.R.U.D.E. in your universe. How did you know he was Sean Connery here?

Trudy: I... I researched e-each of you before coming here, remember? By using the Emperor's MUTEX.
Nick: From the data your operatives stole from the Emperor.

Trudy: [getting to her feet] Look, if Mom's involved, it's not going to be pleasant. This isn't her style, but it's definitely her fingerprint. We need to get out of here NOW.

[The barrel of an assault rifle protrudes into the frame, as both Trudy and Nick look up in shock.]
Off-panel: Oh, I'm afraid it's too late for that, love.

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