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[[Nick, Trudy, and Nikki Ronat have been captured in the makeshift warehouse. The "Smoking Man" and the guards are responding to the Colonel's last order.]]
Smoking man: You heard the man. Do the fed first.
[[two of the guards begin pushing Nikki face-down onto a nearby table, exposing the back of her neck.]]

Nikki: [grimacing] We have this resort under surveillance! If anything happens to me, they'll swarm this place!
Smoking man: [grinning] Like your trackers can make it past our jamming signal.

[[A guard wearing heavy gloves and carrying an open bucket-like container approaches Nikki.]]
Smoking man: Besides, we can use another mole in he Bureau.

[[the guards prepare to empty the container onto Nikki's neck.]]
Trudy: [wide-eyed and whispering] Wh-what's ... in that canister...?

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