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[[Nick and Trudy are still in their crate, hiding from the guards.]]
[[Naughty Trudy and Angelic Trudy, Trudy's imaginary "shoulder angel and devil", appear and begin arguing]]
Naughty Trudy: My, isn't THIS a delightfully compromising position!
Angelic Trudy: [whispering] Now is not the time for S-E-X!

Naughty Trudy: Did you seriously just spell that? And why are you whispering? Only Trudy can hear us.
Angelic Trudy: [worried] That's not the point! This is dangerous! We have more important things to worry about, like survival!

[Trudy is obviously fighting temptation]
Trudy: [thinking] Not... Listening...
Naughty Trudy: Exactly! We're about to die and Nick's practically mounted us! It's do or die time! This may literally be our last chance to make a move!

[[The two imaginary images disappear, and Trudy gives in. She grabs Nick's head and pulls him into a kiss, surprising him.]]
Trudy: Ki can go defrag herself. If I'm going to die, I'm going to do this at least once.

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