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[[Nick and Trudy are dodging security cameras as they try to escape the resort.]]
Nick: [whispering] Quick, in this office.

[[As the enter the empty office, Nick closed the door and blocks it with his body.]]
Trudy: [turned away from Nick] Maybe we should lay low for a few minutes, catch our breath.
Nick: [angrily] What were you THINKING?

Trudy: [snarling] I WASN'T thinking! I was scared. Scared of dying, scared of whatever they did to Nikki, and scared of never telling you how I feel. I don't CARE about you and Ki. I still want you. I still LOVE you.

Nick: Do you think that changes anything, Trudy? I may have once been attracted to you and even entertained thoughts about the two of us, but that ship has sailed. I love KI. You will NEVER change that.

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