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[[Nick and Trudy are holed up in an empty office, trying to escape from the resort. Nick is responding to Trudy's statement that she still loves him.]]
Nick: [angrily] And to be blunt, TRUDY, you aren't even the same woman I once had feelings for. MY Trudy is off in another universe, fighting aliens. YOU were in love with your Emperor, not ME.

Trudy: [whirls to face him] No, you moron. I was in love with YOU. "YOUR" Trudy is standing right in front of you!

[[Nick glares at her, furious, taking in what she just said. Trudy covers her face with her hands, aware that she's just spilled the beans.]]

[[The image for the final panel is nearly identical to the third, only both characters' expressions slowly grow more intense.]]
Nick: [furiously] What.

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