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[[Trudy's just let out the secret she's been trying to keep from Nick; that she hadn't really switched places with her alternate self from the "Negaverse". Nick is furious. Trudy tries to change the subject, picking up a few sheets of paper.]]
Trudy: Th-these look like sh-shipping invoices. They m-must be shipping these creates all over the --

Nick: [interrupting, slapping the papers from her hands] LATER! WHEN were you going to tell me? Were you EVER going to tell me?

Trudy: [turning away from Nick's fury] I... I TRIED to... She traded places with me... said I deserved a second chance...
Nick: [screaming] WHEN?!

Trudy: [dejected] N-never... if I could help it.
Nick: [turning from her in disgust] Get up. We're getting out of here.

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