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[[Nick and Trudy have just escaped to the resort grounds, and have been startled by a voice behind them. They jump and turn around, finding their tablemates Carl Meadows and Nikki Ronat. Nikki is clinging suggestively to Carl and now has a cape or shawl draped around her neck, where before she did not.]]
Carl: Greetings, brother and sister! Didn't we see these two puppets earlier at dinner?

Carl: We're heading back to the hotel to explore the pleasures of these new forms, confining as they may be. Forbidden, we know, but all in the name of "research!" So where have YOU been hiding?

Nikki: They were "inducted" privately, like me. Correct?
[[Nick quickly pulls a startled Trudy to his side, his arm around her waist, as he grins evilly.]]
Nick: Absolutely! We were "inducted" right after your "puppet" ran off. We... couldn't wait to "research" things on our own.

Nikki: [suspiciously] Funny... I don't sense you...
Trudy: [finally catching on and grinning disarmingly] Like you said, these forms ARE confining. We're one big happy family, right?

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