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[[Nick and Trudy have escaped onto the resort grounds, and have convinced Carl Meandows that they've been "inducted" too. Nikki Ronat continues to walk on with her arms around Carl, but eyes Nick and Trudy suspiciously. Nick and Trudy walk briskly in the opposite direction, arms around each other.]]
Carl: Have fun then, siblings!
Trudy: [whispering to Nick] What was THAT all about?

Nick: [whispering] I have a theory, but I don't like where it's going. No time to explain. For now, stick to the script. If anyone challenges us, we'll use their "excuse." Otherwise we make for the car.

Trudy: Given our current relationship, I'm not sure we'll be very convincing at "research."
Nick: I've dabbled in acting a time or two. I also seem to remember that you can lie pretty convincingly when you want to.

Trudy: That was low coming from you.
Nick: This changes nothing. We'll resolve our issues later, AFTER we're no longer in danger of being "inducted."

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