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[[Nick and Trudy's car is careening down the narrow road as they try to escape The Colonel's guards, who are in two cars right behind them.]]
Nick: I think they're gaining on us...

Nick: [hunched over the steering wheel, concentrating intently] The main road is up ahead. We'll make for town. Even at this hour there should be enough witnesses to make them think twice about shooting us.
Trudy: [fearfully] Nick...

Trudy: If we don't get out of this, I want you to know...
Nick: [interrupting] Stop right there. First of all, we WILL get out of this. Assuming defeat only ensures it.

Nick: [angrily] Second, I already know how you feel, and I've told YOU where I stand. The air is clear.
Trudy: [glaring at Nick] The air ISN'T clear. There's one last thing...

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