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[[Nick and Trudy are in their car, trying to outrun the Colonel's guards. Trudy is trying to get Nick to talk about where things stand between the two of them.]]
Trudy: On the trip up here, you told me that you told HER that in spite of all I've done you forgave me. Now that you know the truth, is that still true?

Nick: [angrily] Now is not the time...
Trudy: [forcefully] It will NEVER be the right time! And we may never have more time to find out. I have to know.

Nick: You used me. You abused my friends. You destroyed GPF. You MURDERED Chuck. That's a lot to forgive. You've also LIED ever since we came back. That does NOT count in your favor.

Trudy: I TRIED to tell you, many times. Later, I was SCARED of what you might think. I've CHANGED, Nick. I'm ready for my penance. But I have to know you are willing to take it.

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