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[[Back in the security room with Esther Matusevitch, Anna, Colonel Lionel Barker, and the guards.]]
Guard's voice: [from the radio] Unit 72, sir. Subjects about to leave enchanted forest and enter never never land.
Anna: [to Esther] They're nearing town. If they tell someone what they've seen...

[The Colonel reaches over the Lakatos guard's shoulder, hitting the transmit button on the radio.]
Colonel: Unit 72, this is the Colonel. Authorize code 86.
[[Anna's face falls]]
Esther: "Code 86?" What does that --

Esther: [angrily, figuring out the answer herself] You @$%&*! My daughter --
Colonel: [interrupting] Is now a liability. If she reaches town, our entire operation will be exposed.

Colonel: [with a small smile] This is none of your concern, Esther. You do your thing and I'll do mine.

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