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[[In the security room, the Colonel is rubbing his jaw where Esther slapped him.]]
Colonel: Why, Esther, you have a heart after all.
Esther: [snarling] I told you to leave my daughter alone.

Colonel: [turning away as Esther listens angrily] I was content to do so as long as she did not represent a threat to our operation. If she regains consciousness and is interrogated by the police, everything we have worked for will be jeopardized.

Colonel: Even in death they will raise suspicion. This resort is the only destination up this road. Why were they fleeing here? Who fired on them? By morning this place will be crawling with federal agents.

Colonel: [starting to walk away] Which is why we are pulling out. Gather the inductees and evacuate the grounds. We'll burn the entire resort to the ground and leave no evidence behind.
[[Anna's eyes go wide in shock, and Esther looks angry enough to kill the Colonel.]]

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