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[[In the security room the Colonel has just ordered that the resort be burned to the ground.]]
Esther: [furious] Burn my resort? This is my company's property!
Colonel: [intently] "Your" company? It's yours only because you lied, swindled, and manipulated your way into control, "Ms. Lakatos."

Colonel: [turning away from Esther] We're not talking about the FBI. I KNOW these agents. I TRAINED many of them. They will be relentless and thorough. We cannot leave a trace of what really transpired here.

Colonel: "Your" company will be in ruins, and with it will go everything I have worked for these past several years. We cannot send the inductees back, not in this light. They will be useful, yes, but not for their intended purposes.

Colonel: [angrily turning back to Esther] Consider yourself lucky, Esther, that this evening was not a TOTAL loss. But grieve for your daughter, as she will not live to see morning's light.


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