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[[Sharon walks past Ki, who has her chin resting on one hand while the other absently drags a finger across a computer keyboard. She's obviously depressed.]]

Sharon: [to Fooker] I'm worried about Ki. She hasn't been herself all week with Nick gone.
Fooker: [staring at a bank of six computer screens and working with two keyboards at the same time] Aroo?

Fooker: Oh, you mean with the Nickster and Trudy de Pompadour shagging in a hotel room upstate. Yeah, I can see why she'd be upset about that.
Sharon: [glaring] Really? You think?

Sharon: I think we should do something for her. Take her mind off... things. We could take her out to dinner.
Fooker: We could hit Luigi's. She hasn't spied on anyone there in ages.

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