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[[Fooker, Sharon, and Ki are seated at a table at Luigi's.]]
Sharon: The nerve of that maitre d'. "We seat scopophiliacs in the back." You ought to --
Ki: [perusing the menu] Just let it go, Sharon.
Fooker: [looking down at the floor beneath him] Kewl! A tarp!

Ki: Look, I appreciate the company, but honestly, I'm fine. I know you are worried about how I'll handle Nick and Trudy being out of town together, but I trust Nick. He's not going to let anything happen.

Ki: Besides, this is "Nega Trudy" we're talking about, from an alternate universe. She seems more trustworthy than "our" Trudy.
Fooker: [whispering to himself] As trustworthy as a cat in a canary farm.

Sharon: [turning an icy glare on Fooker] Do you have something to share with the rest of the class?
Fooker: [thinking quickly] It's a NICE tarp. Canvas. High quality.

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