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[[Fooker, Sharon, and Ki are talking at their table at Luigi's. Sharon has just asked the dreaded question about how Ki and Fooker met.]]
Ki: You mean you never told her how we met?
Fooker: Of course I did! I gave her the whole run-down!

Sharon: [sarcastically] "Met in college. Got her job at GPF." Cliff's Notes would be envious of his brevity.
Fooker: It's like "The Princess Bride." You got the "good parts" version.

Fooker: Besides, you're girls. Aren't you two supposed to talk about everything? Don't you share intimate secrets, like your favorite coupon clippings, boyfriends' annoying habits, and bra sizes?

Ki: [with an evil smile] Oh, we've compared boyfriends and sizes.
Sharon: [resting her chin on her hand while looking wickedly at Fooker] I must admit I'm STILL jealous.
Fooker: [cocking an eyebrow] Um... who what now?

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