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[[While dining at Luigi's, Sharon has asked Ki and Fooker the dreaded question of how they met. Fooker thinks he's dodged the question, but Sharon seems to have other plans.]]
Fooker: [wiping his forehead] Whew...
Sharon: [to Ki] In all fairness, we HAVEN'T talked about it. Why is that?
Ki: No idea. Maybe it just never came up.

Sharon: [cheerfully] Well, we have PLENTY of time now! I want to hear it all. How you first met, how you became friends, if you had classes together, did one of you tutor the other...

[[Sharon waits expectantly, tapping her fingers on the table, while Ki and Fooker stare at each other uncomfortably.]]

Sharon: You didn't... date...?
Ki and Fooker: [simultaneously, vehemently, and horrified at the prospect] NO!

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