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[[The floodgates open as Ki and Fooker regale Sharon with stories from their time together at college. At the beginning Sharon is trying to keep up and to remain part of the conversation, but failing.]]
Fooker: So I was all, "I'M sys admin around here. The profs come to ME with their questions."
Ki: He couldn't have been more smug!

[[Dinner arrives, and the two just keep right on going.]]
Ki: ...stepped on his shoelace and plowed right into me!
Fooker: About the no panties thing... You're over that now, right?

[[The plates have been emptied, and they're still going. Sharon's got her chin on her hand, hopelessly lost.]]
Fooker: On cold nights, I can still feel that steel toe...
Ki: So days later, I go to the hospital to check on him...

[[Sharon's given up, her head on the table, but Fooker and Ki are still going.]]
Ki: "Throw out my disk quota and it's a deal."
Fooker: You put those uncompressed WAV files on that server on purpose!

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