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[[Ki frantically and haphazardly throwing clothes from the bedroom closet to a suitcase on the bed]]
Sharon: Ki! Slow down! You need to think rationally about what you need to take with you!

[[Ki angrily points at Sharon; Sharon appears slightly annoyed and frustrated]]
Ki: Do I *look* like I'm thinking rationally?
Sharon: That's precisely my point.

[[Ki appears sad; Sharon is supportive and is holding to Ki's shoulders]]
Sharon: He's in a hospital. What exactly can you do for him there? Hold his hand and wait? He is in the best hands he can be in. We'll hurry to him, but it's still an eight hour drive.

[[Ki hugs Sharon. At their relative heights, Ki practically has her face in Sharon's cleavage. Fooker appears in doorway with a packed duffel bag and is not yet noticed.]]
Sharon: When Fooker gets back with my stuff, we'll hit the road. But we still need to be prepared. We don't know how long we'll be there.
Fooker: [thinking quietly] Nice timing, F-man.

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