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[[They're still in their clothes from Luigi's, but Ki, Sharon, and Fooker have returned to Ki's place. Ki is packing a suitcase in the background, while Sharon is looking at an overnight bag that Fooker has packed.]]
Sharon: This isn't my stuff. This is all yours.
Fooker: I know. I'm going with her.

Sharon: [angrily] Excuse me? After tonight, are you trying to PROVE you're a better friend to her than I am?
Fooker: It's not like that. She'll need ME.

Sharon: Oh, WILL she? And what of my SISTER? Or are you forgetting about that? I have a stake in this too.
Fooker: [frustrated] I KNOW that. Will you shut up and listen for a bit?

Fooker: [taking Sharon's shoulders and looking her in the eye] I'm NOT playing a friend trump card, and I DON'T want to say something that will hurt you. TRUST me, Sharon. You're her "BFF," but this time she needs ME. I'll... explain later.

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