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[[Fooker and Ki are driving upstate in the middle of the night, heading for the hospital where Ki and Trudy are being treated.]]
Fooker: Whoa there, Danica Patrick. The Indianapolis 500 is over for the year. The state troopers might frown on bringing your lead foot off the track.

Ki: [at the steering wheel, talking to Fooker in the passenger seat] Sorry, Fooker. Sharon tried to calm me down, but I'm really rattled by all this.
Fooker: Understandable. What details did they give you?

Ki: [sadly] Not much. The police got my "ICE" info from Nick's phone. They said there was a car accident and that Nick was driving. He's unconscious and has a concussion and several broken bones. He's in stable but critical condition.

Ki: By the way, why did you insist on coming instead of Sharon? With Trudy involved I thought she'd --
Fooker: [looking away, out the window] Talked with Dwayne before we left. He insists she help Dex. Who am I to argue?

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