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[[Ki and Fooker are in Ki's car, driving upstate to find out what happened to Nick and Trudy.]]
Ki: I was so uncertain about Nick being alone with Trudy. I know she isn't "our" Trudy, but old prejudices are hard to ignore...

[[There's a moment of silence. Fooker is obviously fighting an internal battle over whether or not to tell Ki the truth, while Ki drives with one hand on the steering wheel while leaning her head on the other. Fooker makes his decision...]]

Fooker: [grimly] She's not the one from the alternate universe. That Trudy is "our" Trudy.
[[Ki's eyes go wide with shock.]]

[[We see an overhead view of the highway as Ki's car careens from lane to lane, causing other cars to swerve out of her way.]]

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