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[[The doctor and the sheriff are walking through the hospital's hall. Police are everywhere, guarding doors and watching the staff.]]
Sheriff: And the male?
Doctor: He lost a fair amount of blood, but the concussion left him comatose.

[[Two other police officers are visible in the background, which the doctor takes note of.]]
Doctor: There's a spinal distortion of the neck. "Whiplash." But the head trauma is worrisome. If he slips into a full coma, I can't predict when -- or if -- he'll wake up again.

Doctor: Lieutenant, I know these two are important to your investigation, but do we really need all this protection? What happened to them? Who were they running from?
Sheriff: Need to know, doc. Right now, you don't.

Doctor: [watching the sheriff walk away] And how many more officers do my people have to work around?
Sheriff: As many as "the Feds" think we need. My hands are as tied as yours.

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