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[[The sheriff has been questioning the doctor about Nick and Trudy's conditions, and has turned back to the doctor with more questions.]]
Sheriff: [eyeing a janitor mopping the floor at the end of the hall] What about your staff? Do you trust them?
Doctor: Implicitly.

Sheriff: We have reason to believe someone might infiltrate the hospital and try to "finish the job." We need these witnesses alive. We can't take any chances.

Doctor: [pointing to the janitor, who tips his hat at the sheriff] Bob Smith has been working here for the past several years. Not only has he been a model employee, but he personally saved several lives with his quick actions two months ago when we were short-staffed.

Doctor: Frankly, Lieutenant, I trust him more than I trust your men, and that goes for the rest of my staff. If you're looking for an assassin, he'll have to come from the outside.

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