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[[The sheriff is walking away, and the doctor has turned to talk to the janitor that was the subject of the sheriff's concern.]]
Doctor: Sorry about that, Bob.
Bob: T'weren't nuthin'. It's his job ta be suspicious.

Doctor: [turning to look through a window into Trudy's room] That may be, but I think he was insinuating a bit too much. This isn't THAT big of a hospital. I know practically everyone here. We don't hire killers that I know of.

Bob: [joining her at the window] Pardon mah French, but ah clean up enough puke and $#!& each day that ah can't help but get it flung at meh. Part of th' job. Take it from th' patients, ah kin take it from the likes uh him.

Doctor: Still, I'd give anything to find out what those two were running from...
Bob: Maybe it's that big resort up in th' mountains. Scuttlebutt had it burnin' down last night.

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