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[[The doctor and Bob the janitor are outside Trudy's window, talking about what Nick and Trudy could have been running from.]]
Doctor: The big pharmco resort? Lakatos, wasn't it? It burned down last night?
Bob: Big ruckus on th' news. Fire chief said it could be days b'fore they contain it.

Doctor: [concentrating] Maybe that's why "the feds" are interested, as the lieutenant put it. Wonder if he means the FBI, the DEA, or... someone else.
Bob: Acronym bingo.

Doctor: Look, I'm all for solving mysteries, but I don't want those cops getting in my staff's way, whether it's a neurosurgeon or you. If they give you any more grief, let me know.

Doctor: [walking off] Meanwhile, keep an eye out yourself for anything suspicious. I don't plan on interrogating anyone, but I still want to keep those two alive.
Bob: Yes, ma'am.

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