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[[Fooker is holding his jaw where Ki punched him earlier. Ki is shaking off the pain in her hand that she used to punch Fooker.]]
Fooker: Look, I didn't _want_ to be Trudy's confidant. It just sort of... happened.
Ki: [angrily] *How long have you known!*

Fooker: I had suspicions, but she told me right after Dex's heart attack, the day she came back to work.
Ki: [angrily] That long?! You knew _that long_ and never told us?!

Ki: [angrily] You were our friend! You _knew_ what this information would mean to us! Yet you chose to keep _her_ secret and _lie_ to us to _protect_ her!

Fooker: Protect _her_? Do you think I _wanted_ this? I was protecting _you_. _All_ of you, _especially_ Sharon.
[[Ki reacts in surprise.]]

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