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[[Trudy is laying in her hospital bed, finally starting to regain consciousness.]]
Trudy: [weakly] Where...?
Doctor: Take it easy, Ms. Niemand. You've had a rough night.

Doctor: I'm Doctor Melanie Granger. You're at Western Regional Hospital. You were in a pretty nasty car accident. We've patched you up, but you're not going anywhere for a while.
Trudy: Nick...

Doctor: [eyes turning sad] Mr. Wellington is here too, although he's in worse shape. You were thrown around by the collision, but he's suffered some cranial trauma. I'm afraid he may slip into a coma.

Trudy: [still weakly, eyes closing] Of... course, that... would be the... soap opera thing... to do.
Doctor: [as the Sheriff appears outside the observation window of Trudy's room] Well, I'm afraid your "soap opera" is about to become a police drama.

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