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[[The police lieutenant (previously mis-identified by the transcriptionist as "the Sheriff...") has entered Trudy's room, and is looking accusingly at Doctor Granger.]]
Lieutenant: She's awake. And just when were you planning to tell me, Doc?
Doctor: [annoyed] It just happened. I was checking her chart when she awoke.

Lieutenant: [turning to Trudy] Lieutenant Mark Stone, Fairview P.D. Miss Niemand, we have a number of questions regarding the events leading up to your accident.
Doctor: [beginning to protest] Lieutenant...

Lieutenant: Doc, I've already explained how imperative it is that we get this information.
Doctor: Yes, yes, but she needs rest. Give her a few hours at least, then --
Trudy: [interrupting, weakly] I'll help...

Trudy: I'll help... any way I can. It's just... I can't... I can't remember...

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