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[[Trudy is in a wheelchair, being pushed by Doctor Melanie Granger. Police officers are present in the background, guarding the rooms and hallways.]]
Doctor: You still need bed rest, but I think we can take a minute to visit your friend.
Trudy: [Hoarsely and weakly] How is he? Was he badly hurt?

Trudy: Wait... You told me that already, didn't you?
Doctor: Anterograde amnesia. It's common for that to accompany retrograde amnesia.

Doctor: Retrograde amnesia is where you have trouble recalling events leading up to your accident. But you may also have trouble remembering events after it as well. Both SHOULD clear up with time.

Doctor: [as they arrive at the door to Nick's room. We see Nick, unconscious, with an oxygen mask over his face.] Still, you're in better shape than your friend, I'm afraid.

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