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[[Lieutenant Stone has left Trudy's room after hearing that she is suffering from amnesia and won't be able to answer questions. He's talking to himself as one of his officers runs up to him.]]
Lieutenant: Amnesia? When the heck did I step into an episode of "Days of our Lives...?"
Officer: Lieutenant!

Officer: The federal agent just arrived. He's looking for you. Wants to know what we know so far.
Lieutenant: Federal AGENT? As in singular? I was expecting them to swarm this place with G-Men.

[[The two begin walking down the hall away from Trudy's room.]]
Officer: Could be he's just the local guy, sir. Bet they've got a whole squad on the way.
Lieutenant: Hrmph. Let one cockroach in and soon they're up to your armpits.

Lieutenant: So where's Agent Mulder now?
Agent 18: [leaning against the wall, arms crossed] Right here, Sheriff Coltrane.

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