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[[Agent 18 is introducing himself to Lieutenant Stone.]]
Agent 18: [holding up a wallet with a badge and ID] Blawgus, FBI. You must be Stone. I need a full update on the progress of your investigation.
Lieutenant: Hold up there, Slick. I told your supervisor we had this under control.

Agent 18: And I believe my supervisors informed you that we've been investigating Lakatos for months. Now their multi-million dollar resort is in flames and you've got the only two witnesses, full of bullet holes. Our authority takes precedence.

Agent 18: You have neither the resources nor manpower to handle this.
Lieutenant: Says the solitary agent alone with just a badge. If this is such a priority, where's the rest of your squad?

Agent 18: [glaring] In transit. I want to see your witnesses, NOW.
Lieutenant: [turning away] Good luck getting past their mother hen...

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