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[[Agent 18 has moved down the hall a ways, but is still being eyed by Lieutenant Stone and his officer. He's talking on his cell phone.]]
Agent 18: It's me. ME, you idiot. YOU know who. It hasn't been THAT long. Can you make your end secure? Good. Now listen up.

Agent 18: I know you've heard about Wellington and "Niemand." Because this is YOU. You're more darn connected than Kevin Bacon. Well, there's more going on than it appears, but you're no longer cleared for the specifics.

Agent 18: Suffice it to say that they're in some serious excrement. I've been working on something big and I think they're caught up in it. I don't know if I can protect them.

[[The scene shifts, and we see that he's been talking to Fooker, who is sitting next to Ki as she drives.]]
Agent 18: Whatever you do, keep yourself and your friends away from this hospital if you want them to live. I'll do what I can, but no guarantees.

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