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[[Agent 18 is on his cell phone talking to Fooker, who is in the car with Ki.]]
Fooker: Sorry, you must have a wrong number. Who were you trying to reach?
Agent 18: You son of a... You're in the car with Oshiro right now, aren't you? Fine, moron, have it your way.

Agent 18: [whispering] But before you get her and yourself killed, know this. Nick and Trudy are as good as dead. So am I, I'll bet, and you're the only one who'll ever know. This is bigger than anyone can imagine, and no one's gonna believe it when the cards are finally on the table.

[[Fooker cocks an eyebrow as he listens.]]
Agent 18: They're everywhere. All over. And NOBODY has a clue. Justin, Maddie, and the others are spread too thin to see it. It won't be long before the Colonel and the Key Master finally make their big move.
Fooker: Who...?

Agent 18: There's Granger. Can't talk now. If I call back, it isn't me. Don't believe a word I tell you.
[[Fooker pulls the phone away from his ear in surprise, drawing Ki's attention.]]

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