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[[Agent 18 has finally caught up with Doctor Granger, and the two are walking through the hall to Nick's room.]]
Doctor: I'll tell you the same thing I told Lt. Stone, Mr. Blawgus. Miss Niemand is not strong enough to be interrogated by either you or him.

[[They arrive outside Nick's room. Trudy looks up from Nick and her eyes go wide when she recognizes Agent 18.]]
Agent 18: I don't suppose saying this is a matter of national security will persuade you, Doctor?
Doctor: That excuse gets used far too frequently these days, in my opinion.

Agent 18: There may be more lives at stake than just these two, doctor. It is imperative that I talk to her. NOW.
Doctor: I'm sick of these "imperatives." This is MY hospital and these are MY patients. I --
Trudy: [weakly, interrupting] Doctor...

Trudy: I... know this man. I think he's right. I need to talk to him.

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