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[[Agent 18 is interviewing Trudy in Nick's hospital room.]]
Agent 18: Look, "Niemand." I need ANSWERS, not a Harlequin romance. Do you remember ANYTHING about the Colonel or the Key Master?
Trudy: I'm sorry. The names are familiar but I just can't remember anything.

Trudy: If I DO remember something, I'll ask someone to come get you.
Agent 18: [getting up from his chair] Don't trust anyone here. Everyone is a suspect right now. Nobody is entirely whom they seem to be.

Agent 18: Your life is in danger, Trudy, as is Nick's. Don't tell Stone what you told me, or Granger, or anyone else. If I come back, ask me to show you my neck before you say anything. If I balk, scream. Scream as loud as you can.

[Agent 18 stalks off through the hallway, walking past Doctor Granger, Lieutenant Stone, and Bob the janitor, all of who watch him carefully.]

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