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[[Nick lies unconscious in his hospital bed. Trudy is seated next to him. In the background and through the window, we see Agent #18 walk past as the janitor watches him.]]
Trudy: Granger's going to send me back to my room soon. I'd much rather stay here with you. Even if you can't talk, being near you is much more comforting.

[[Trudy looks off to the side as she continues.]]
Trudy: I could use your comfort right now. If I wasn't frightened before, Agent #18 nailed it. Something's going on in this hospital. I don't think either one of us are safe, and neither of us are in a condition to protect ourselves.

[[She places a hand on Nick cheek.]]
Trudy: I... do remember kissing you, which makes the list of things I could have done or said to hurt you embarrassingly short. I don't know for sure, but I _think_ I know why you're mad at me, and if so I deserve it.

[[She leans her head on Nick's chest.]]
Trudy: And if you can hear me, I just want you to know that even if you never forgive me, I'm still sorry for everything I've done to you, and I'll always love you, even if you can never love me in return.

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