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[[Agent #18 struggles to free his arms from the officers that grabbed them, and argues with Lieutenant Stone.]]
Agent #18: You're out of line, Lieutenant! I'm a federal officer!
Lieutenant Stone: Really? The FBI doesn't seem to think so.

Lieutenant Stone: Placed a little call when you snuck behind my back to speak to Niemand. Seems they have no record of an "Agent Blawgus". So what am I supposed to think when a "federal agent" comes in waving a badge demanding to see our only witnesses while a known assassin is on the loose?

Lieutenant Stone: Did you think we were some sort of backwoods bumbling hicks playing cops and robbers? Thought we'd bend over and let some big shot fed march in and take over our case? If it got you close enough to finish what you started, just maybe...

Lieutenant Stone: [as the two officers start to escort Agent #18 away] Maybe you're legit, maybe not. I'm not taking any more chances. Not 'til I crack this case.
Agent #18: [furious] You're making a big mistake, Stone!

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