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[[Agent #18 is under arrest, in handcuffs and escorted by Lieutenant Stone's subordinates.]]
Lieutenant Stone: We're spread too thin to cart you off to the clink. Lock him in that closet until we have got somebody free.
Agent #18: Stone, you idiot! Don't do this!

[The closet door is slammed behind him, leaving Agent #18 in the dimly-lit closet.]
Voice: [off-panel] Ah, the infamous Agent #18. We meet at last.

[[We see three shadowy figures in the closet with Agent #18. The middle one is smoking a cigar and has the same silhouette as "Smoking Man" from the resort.]]
Smoking Man: I was hoping you'd join us eventually. How fortuitous the Lieutenant conveniently decided to place you within easy reach.

[[Smoking Man's accomplices approach the handcuffed Agent #18, one carrying a container like what we saw at the Lakatos resort.]]
Agent #18: $#!&.

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