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[[Doctor Granger is consulting with one of her other doctors, checking cases from a clipboard.]]
Granger: I see Mr. Wilson is improving. What about Mrs. Johnson?
Doctor: She's stable, but... well...

Doctor: It's all this security, Doctor. First it's the local cops escorting us up and down the halls, then it's that FBI guy hassling us all with questions. He tied me up for a half hour earlier, asking if I ever worked for Lakatos.

Doctor: [as Granger becomes increasing upset] What's worse, they keep butting heads, countermanding each other. I wish Stone and Blawgus would just roll up their sleeves and duke it out so we can get on with our lives.

Granger: [furious, slamming her clipboard onto the counter] That's it. I've had it with those two. They both better run and hide, 'cause the first one I find is getting a stern talking to.

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