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[[Doctor Granger is on the warpath, looking for Lieutenant Stone or Agent #18 (Agent Blawgus). She's found one of Stone's subordinates in the hallway.]]
Granger: Corporal! Where's Lt. Stone? I demand to speak to him immediately.
Corporal: He's... He's busy at the moment, ma'am.

Granger: [in the Corporal's face, jabbing a finger into his chest] Oh, he's about to get a lot busier. You go find him and tell him I want you goons out of my hospital.
Corporal: But, ma'am, the safety of the witnesses--

Granger: [interrupting angrily] Is my responsibility! But my people can't do their jobs to keep them and our other patients alive with stormtroopers constantly blocking their paths!
Voice: [off-panel] At ease, Corporal. I'll handle this.

Agent #18: [with his hand on Granger's shoulder, sneering congenially] Go easy on him, Doc. He's just following orders. But I think I have a way of improving police/hospital relations quite nicely...

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