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[[Agent #18 is leading Doctor Granger away from the Corporal. His arm is around her shoulders, and he's behaving oddly friendly.]]
Agent #18: Sorry about all the fuss, Doc. I was just leaving anyway. Have to report my findings back to the bureau. But I CAN help get Stone out from underfoot before I go.

Granger: [distastefully picking Agent #18's arm from her shoulders] Mr. Blawgus, I will first demand you refrain from touching me again, or I'll have more than a few words for your superiors. Secondly, I don't care how you propose to get Stone and his thugs out of my way, just so long as it happens.

Agent #18: [smiling] My apologies, doctor. Won't happen again. But I do suggest we take this matter up somewhere private, where "Stone and his thugs" can't listen in. Your office, perhaps? I will only take a moment.

Granger: [turning to walk to her office] All right. But I think I want to keep the door open and a desk between us at all times.
Agent #18: Not to worry. I promise _I_ won't touch you again.

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