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[[Lieutenant Stone is confronted by yet another shadowy figure, a figure that looks like Bob the Janitor but who is pointing a gun at him and commanding him to stop his actions against Nick.]]
Lieutenant: Kill him? What do YOU have against him?
Bob: My grudge goes much further back than whatever he saw at Lakatos. You could say from the day we were born...

Lieutenant: Do not interfere with this, fool. You are meddling in things you could never understand, and all you will gain is becoming my next target.
Bob: Ooh, a threat! YOU don't know who you're messing with.

Bob: [Removing his hat, but with his gun still trained on Stone] I once commanded legions. Billions bowed down before me. My enemies cowered at my name. All that, of course, is gone, and here I live a borrowed life, desperate to find that one change for true revenge.
Stone: Who ARE you?

[[We finally see Bob for who he really is: Emperor Nicholas the Puissant, better known as "Nega-Nick" from the "Negaverse".]]
Nicholas: _I'M_ Nick Wellington, and I'm the industrial sized monkey wrench in your finely crafted scheme.

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