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[[Emperor Nicholas (Nega-Nick) aims a revolver at Lieutenant Stone. A hospital cart is parked between them.]]
Stone: What sort of trickery is this?
Nega-Nick: [Grinning maniacally] Oh, it's long, complicated, and involves alternate realities and all sorts of fun mad science-y stuff.

[[Nega-Nick levels the gun at Stone. Stone smirks as he responds.]]
Nega-Nick: But that's a story for another day. Step away from my "friend".
Stone: Or you'll what? Shoot me? And bring dozens of cops down on you in an instant?

[[The view narrows on the pair's eyes as Nega-Nick and Stone stare each other down.]]
Stone: No. My guess is that you planned to kill Wellington quietly, dispose of his body, and take his place. Something requiring stealth, deception, and absolutely no gun play. Something you were ill prepared and ill equipped for. An unexpected opportunity perhaps?

[[Stone holds up the hypodermic needle in one hand as he shoves the cart into Nega-Nick's stomach.]]
Stone: I'm all for opportunities!

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